How to Celebrate Dads and Grads this June

How to Celebrate Dads and Grads this June

June is the month to celebrate both dads and grads, honoring the hard work and love of fathers (and father figures) in our lives, as well as the achievements of graduates. As we recognize their contributions and milestones, there's no reason why you can't also choose gifts that reflect your commitment to a healthier planet. This Father's Day and graduation season, here are some suggestions to make your gifts meaningful and eco-conscious.

Scroll to the bottom for four thoughtful and fun ways to celebrate Father's Day without purchasing a gift.


Shaving gifts are always a crowd pleaser on Father's Day and we offer a wide-variety of products to help make your dad's shave more sustainable. We carry the Henson AL13 straight razor, which is super light weight and manufactured from aerospace-grade aluminum or The LEAF Razor, a triple-blade razor with a pivoting head. Both razors will last a decade or more and save thousands of plastic razors from winding up in the land fill. They'll also save you money in the long term. 

Other Shave Products: 

Our soaps were our most popular mother's day gift but, guess what, dads love soaps too! Especially when they are soaps from Golden Arrow Goods; hand made in Santa Barbara with the most yummy (but non-toxic) fragrances. Some of the suggested scents include: Nag Champa, Rivera Blues, Backwoods Charcoal and our most-popular scent Coco Santal. Add a soap dish or soap lift and you have a complete gift for under $20.

Coffee-lover dad? try a keep cup (on sale for 20% off!) 

Adventure dad? grab a Stasher Go with built-in carabiner

Beach dad? Mineral sunscreen butter from All Good Sunscreen 


Mission Refill is perfect for the place to shop for your graduate who is moving to a new space, looking to refresh their living space or even moving home for a bit. Most college students who come in the shop love these products but, on their college budget, they are waiting for the perfect opportunity to be gifted them.

Bathing Culture Body Wash: Bathing Culture is a San Francisco-based brand of personal care products that aims to celebrate the joy of bathing while also caring for the planet. Their original scent, Cathedral Grove, is inspired by the Californian Redwood forest. 

Leaf Razor: So aesthetic! Also effective. The Leaf Razor is a plastic-free, recyclable, and refillable shaving razor made by Leaf Shave. It has a pivoting head with three blades that can be used for shaving the head, body, legs, and underarms.

Clean Skincare: skincare can feel so luxurious so spoil your grad with milky gel cleanser or day and night cream from ReBrand, or try a facial serum or cleansing oil from Verdant Wild Apothecary, both California-based brands. Add our Scrubbee facial scrubber to make it a real treat for your grad.

Household essentials: Get your grad started on the right foot with eco-friendly and non-toxic household essentials. Stop by our store to learn how you can build a laundry kit, a home cleaning kit, or stock up on bamboo toilet paper. 


Not every holiday needs to inspire consumerism. If you've got a no-gifts-please dad, like many do, here are some suggestions for how to enjoy the day in a special way, minus the gifts. 

Cook a Special Meal Together
Nothing brings people closer than cooking together. Plan a special meal that you and your dad can prepare as a team. Whether it’s his favorite breakfast, a BBQ feast, or a delicious dinner, the time spent together in the kitchen will be a memorable bonding experience. Plus, sharing the meal you’ve made together adds an extra touch of love and satisfaction.

Plan an Outdoor Adventure
Spend the day exploring nature. Go hiking, fishing, or take a scenic bike ride. If your dad enjoys being active, this is a perfect way to connect while enjoying the great outdoors. Pack a picnic and find a beautiful spot to relax, enjoy the scenery and each other's company.

Work on a Project Together
Dive into a DIY project or tackle a home improvement task. Whether it’s building a birdhouse, gardening, or fixing up something around the house, working side by side on a project can be incredibly fulfilling. It's a great way to share skills, learn new things, and create something tangible together.

Watch His Favorite Movies or Sports
Dedicate the day to watching your dad’s favorite movies or sports. Create a cozy home theater experience with snacks and drinks. If he's a sports fan, you could watch classic games or highlights of his favorite team. This relaxed setting is perfect for sharing laughs, reminiscing, and simply enjoying each other’s company.

Here's wishing the fathers and father figures a happy Father's Day and wishing the best to our recent graduates, no matter the grade.