how to go zero waste

How to Go Zero Waste with Mission Refill

Let's face it, creating absolutely zero waste is about as likely as convincing a child to eat their broccoli (I would know!). But don't worry, you don't have to be perfect to make a difference. By prioritizing recycling and reusing products, you can reduce the amount of trash you produce and help protect the planet (and your sanity).

Enter Mission Refill (that us!), the zero-waste superstore of Santa Barbara refilleries. Our store is all about helping you fill up your containers with as much or as little product as you need, without any of that pesky packaging. Plus, we have a whole range of reusable alternatives to plastic items, like bamboo straws, sandwich bags, and even shaving razors (for those who are really dedicated).

Ready to join the zero-waste movement? It's easy. Just take a slow and steady approach, and make small changes over time. Start by taking inventory of your plastic waste and replace one item at a time as it runs out.

For example, swap out those flimsy sandwich bags with some sturdy Stasher bags that will last you for years. And when you're running low on shampoo, bring in your own container to fill up with our luxurious bulk shampoo (your hair will thank you). Remember, zero waste is all about not wasting anything, so don't buy anything new until you really need it.

And don't forget to check out some of our favorite zero-waste essentials:

  • Bamboo straws: A sustainable alternative to those pesky plastic straws that harm the environment.
  • Stasher bags: These versatile bags are perfect for storing food, packing snacks, and even carrying your lunch (they're basically superheroes).
  • Mesh produce bags: Say goodbye to those flimsy plastic produce bags and hello to these eco-friendly alternatives.
  • Food huggers: Keep your food fresher for longer and reduce waste with these stretchy silicone food huggers (they're like little hugs for your snacks).
  • Unpaper towels: Ditch the single-use paper towels and make the switch to these reusable towels that you can use over and over again (think of all the money you'll save).

So, what are you waiting for? Join the zero-waste revolution and make a difference, one container at a time.