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Amber Boston Round Bottles

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Boston Round bottles have a distinctive classic shape with rounded shoulders and a rounded base and they one of the most versatile bottles available, fitting nearly every style of cap. Amber bottles are uniquely suited for sensitive products.

Pair with a spray nozzle for your cleaning supplies or a pump for your soaps and lotions. You can also attach a mist sprayer or simply a traditional caps*. We also offer silicone anti-slip bottle boots that transform these classic bottles in to beautiful display pieces for your home.


* caps not included

Customer Reviews

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Tony Spataro
They’re round; they’re brown; they’re glass.

These are fine bottles, good for filling with fluids. I used mine for hand soap, and bought the larger brown bottles for body wash. I decided on a theme of brown for personal-care products and clear for household cleaning products. Thus, I can be relatively lazy about not labeling my bottles: each size and color only ever holds one fluid and one cannot go too wrong by sticking to the brown bottles.

Perhaps the first time I have house guests I will label my bottles. Or, perhaps I will invite them to live dangerously. Time will tell!