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Baby Laundry Soda

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Nellie's Baby Laundry Soda is your go-to solution for your little one's adorable messes. Crafted with care for babies with sensitive skin, this plant-based formula ensures gentle, hypoallergenic cleaning without compromising effectiveness. 

The added Oxygen Brightener guarantees natural brightening, eliminating the need for additional whiteners. Tackling stubborn stains like milk, baby formula, and spit-up, it's perfect for cloth diapers. 

Fragrance-free and residue-free, this organic baby detergent prioritizes your baby's well-being, leaving their clothes soft, clean, and safe. Because we believe the happiest baby is one whose laundry is handled with the utmost love and care. 

The ingredients of this baby laundry detergent make is one of the safest formulas and is proudly free from SLS, SLES, gluten, phosphates, chlorine, fragrance, optical brighteners, and artificial synthetics.

We know new moms want to choose the best laundry detergent when it comes to their baby for their health and well being or to avoid skin irritation. So, if you’re looking baby safe laundry detergent formulated for sensitive skin - look no further.

Bulk options are sold in 8oz, 16oz or 32oz increments and can be added to any online or pickup order. Powdered Products will either arrive in a secondhand, randomly assorted, jar or container that has been donated to Mission Refill, cleaned and sanitized or they will arrive in a 100% compostable paper bag.


Can I use it for cloth diapers?

Yes, it is safe for use on cloth diapers. Its gentle formula helps to clean diapers effectively without leaving any residue.

Does it contain any artificial fragrances or dyes?

No, it is free from artificial fragrances, dyes, and other harsh chemicals. It is specially formulated to be gentle and safe for baby's skin.

Can I use Baby Laundry Soda for washing other items besides baby clothes?

Yes, it can be used for washing other items, such as baby blankets, towels, and bedding. You can even use it for your grown-up laundry if you are combining loads together.

Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Oleate, Sodium Carbonate Peroxide, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Sulfate