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Chowdees Organic Dog & Cat Treats

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Chowdees was created in Santa Barbara, CA to share more love with our beloved animals in a healthy way. Sourced from certified organic, USA pasture-raised, and grass-fed cattle, their treats stand out for their rare quality. With up to six times more heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than conventional options, a commitment to USA, organic, pasture-raised, and grass-fed ensures unparalleled purity.

Irresistibly tasty and instinctually craved by dogs and cats alike, our treats are perfect for picky eaters and make an ideal high-value training reward. Comprising 100% beef liver from pasture-raised cattle, treats are additive-free, preserving the full spectrum of nutritional benefits for your pet's well-being. Indulge your pets with all-natural, single-ingredient goodness, providing them with the purest form of wholesome treats.

Recyclable glass packaging ensures nutrient retention and peak freshness in every treat. When your Chowdees jar is empty, bring it back to Mission Refill to be returned and reused by Chowdees.