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Dish Soap Refill for Ardent Goods Round Bowl

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This artisan-crafted dish soap bar has been meticulously shaped to snugly fit within the Ardent Goods round bowl container. Its versatility extends beyond the bowl; it can also stand alone beautifully on any soap dish.

Unlike traditional liquid options, this bar packs a concentrated punch, minimizing water content. Each refill bar weighs in at approximately 3.3 ounces or more, ensuring long-lasting utility.

Our soap dish refill features an eco-conscious design. The pouches are not only fully compostable in commercial settings but also recyclable in residential areas, meeting the ASTM D 6400 certification standards.

Thanks to its naturally derived ingredients, this product may exhibit a unique surface texture, occasional discoloration, or subtle scent variations, all of which have no impact on its exceptional quality and effectiveness.