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Tongue Scraper

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Crafted from 100% medical grade stainless steel, this Professional Tongue Scraper by David's Natural Toothpaste is a game-changer for oral care. Elevate your hygiene routine by preventing bad breath and lowering the risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

The smooth rounded edges of this stainless steel tongue scraper ensures a pleasant, gentle scraping action, effectively removing bacteria without discomfort. Freshen your breath effortlessly with this meticulously crafted tool, proudly made in the USA. Embrace a new standard in oral health with this premium tongue scraper.


How do you use a tongue scraper?

Simply glide it from the back of your tongue to the end, which will remove bacteria and promote fresh breath.

Where can I buy tongue scraper?

Good news! We carry it in our store and ship worldwide . So, if you are searching for "tongue scraper near me,” you can get  one of the best quality tongue scrapers from Mission Refill.

Should you scrape your tongue before or after brushing?

Are you wondering whether you should scrape your tongue before or after brushing? To ensure proper oral hygiene, scrape your tongue after brushing to remove any lingering bacteria and debris.