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Keep Cup Brew Reusable Coffee Cup

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Experience a unique approach to sustainability with the Keep Cup, where style meets eco-consciousness. Crafted from durable tempered glass, with a band made of silicone, this cup is designed for the perfect pour, whether you prefer your drink with the lid on or off. Its press-on splash-proof sipper lid ensures a mess-free sip every time, letting you enjoy both the look and taste of your beverage.

What truly sets Keep Cups apart is its innovative use of repurposed materials for the band, making each cup one of a kind. With low-impact manufacturing and conscious material choices, Keep Cup is a beacon of change in the midst of our convenience culture.

Join the movement used in over 75 countries worldwide, where users divert millions of disposable cups from landfills every day, inspiring others to follow suit. Keep Cup is not just a cup; it's a sustainable statement. Tested for safety and free from harmful materials, it's the eco-friendly choice you can feel good about. 

certified b corporation