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Nellie's Laundry Soda

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Boasting a minimalist recipe of just four premium ingredients, Nellie's Laundry Soda offers a highly concentrated formula that dissolves rapidly in both cold and hot water, ensuring it's septic-safe. The best part? It rinses away completely, leaving your skin and the environment untarnished, just like your freshly cleaned clothes.  For a radiant, bright finish, simply introduce 2-4 scoops of our Oxygen Brightener to each load.

The eco friendly formula of laundry powder detergent is proudly free from SLS, SLES, gluten, phosphates, chlorine, fragrance, optical brighteners, and artificial synthetics.

Bulk options are sold in 8oz, 16 oz or 32 oz increments and can be added to any online or pickup order. Powdered Products will either arrive in a secondhand, randomly assorted, jar or container that has been donated to Mission Refill, cleaned and sanitized or they will arrive in a 100% compostable paper bag.


What is laundry soda?

Laundry soda, also known as washing soda, is a natural cleaner that is used in laundry to help remove stains and odors from clothes. While Laundry soda functions like a laundry detergent, detergents are made up of a combination of chemicals that can be harmful to the body and the planet.

Is it safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, Nellies laundry soda is gentle and free from irritating ingredients, making it suitable for sensitive skin.

Can I use it in cold water?

Absolutely! This washing soda  is designed for laundry to work effectively in all water temperatures, including cold water.

Is it eco-friendly?

Yes, it is environmentally friendly, as it is made with biodegradable ingredients and comes in a recyclable tin or in bulk.

Does it contain any harsh chemicals?

No, consider this a chemical free laundry detergent free from phosphates, chlorine, and other harsh chemicals, making it safe for you and the environment.

Sodium Carbonate, Linear Alcohol Ethoxylate, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Metasilicate

Customer Reviews

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Mary Gray
More than a fantastic tin…

As a person that becomes internally and eternally ill with traditional laundry soaps like Tide from itching, rashes to literal internal problems, I first purchased this soap years ago at Marshall’s and was impressed with the reduced use of artificial ingredients, reusable tin and high quality results. I would recommend this product.