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Nordic Dish Washing Sponge (aka Swedish Dish Cloth)

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WASHCLOUD®  your eco-conscious solution for efficient dish cleaning. Crafted from renewable, biodegradable materials, this Nordic sponge cloth outperforms regular sponges with its remarkable cleaning power.

With a rich history dating back to 1949, when a Swedish innovator introduced sponge cloths, they have been a staple in Scandinavian households and kitchens. Now, their popularity is spreading beyond Europe. These ultra-absorbent hybrids can soak up an impressive 15 times their weight in water.

WASHCLOUD® sponge cloths aren't just effective; they're environmentally responsible too. By replacing over 10 rolls of disposable paper towels, they make a substantial impact in reducing waste and cutting down on the carbon emissions associated with paper production. Make the switch to WASHCLOUD® and experience the future of sustainable dish cleaning.