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Versatile Pump Top

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Pump tops can be attached to any 8oz or 16oz Boston Round or aluminum bottle. Ideal for hand soaps, lotions, shampoos and more. Standard bottle pumps lock in down position. Pair a pump on a Boston Round bottle with a non-stick bottle boots for a practical and elevated look.


What types of containers are compatible with the Pump Top?

The Pump Top is designed to fit bottles and containers with a cap size of 28-400, which include Boston Rounds. This plastic pump is compatible with a wide range of liquid soap, lotion, bottle shampoo, and other product bottles.

How do I install the Pump Top on my bottle?

Simply remove the original cap or pump from your bottle and screw the Pump Top onto the bottle’s neck until it is securely fastened. Ensure that the dip tube reaches the bottom of the container for optimal use. Twist the cap open and it is ready to be used.

Can the Pump Top be used with both thick and thin liquids? 

Absolutely! It is designed to handle a variety of liquid viscosities, including thick lotions, gels, and thin liquid soaps. Your bottle with this pump top can dispense liquid easily.

What should I do if my Pump Top stops working?

If your pump top stops working, try cleaning it thoroughly to remove any blockages. If the problem perseveres, ensure the dip tube is correctly set and not damaged. If issues continue, please contact us for assistance or a replacement.