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Reusable Cloth Wipes

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This set of 10 reusable cloth wipes by Cheeks Ahoy game-changer for hassle-free diaper changes! Experience unparalleled efficiency as these wipes clean with just one swipe, making diaper duty a breeze. Whether at the change table or on the go, these versatile wipes, when wet with water or paired with our Cheeky Bits cloth wipe solution, redefine cleanliness for baby's delicate skin.

Not just for diaper changes, these wipes prove invaluable for runny noses, bath-time, and even serve as eco-friendly alternatives for toilet paper and napkins. Perfect for camping or makeup removal, they eliminate waste while avoiding harmful chemicals. Plus, the bonus feature: toss them in the wash, and they emerge unscathed – no more post-laundry paper pickings!

Care for the environment and your baby's skin with our 100% cotton Cloth Wipes – soft, absorbent, and a sustainable choice for every parent.