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Sisal Soap Bag

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Our Natural Sisal Soap Bag is crafted with care. Each pouch is well designed with drawstring and charming wooden bead trim. These versatile sisal soap saver bags are sized for bar soap to hold. Simply slip your favorite soap in bag, and you're ready. It not only increase the life of your soap, but its soft peel texture provides energizing scrubs to your skin. 

This bar soap bag is ideal for your morning or evening bathing plan of action.  Hang it by the drawstring in your shower or bath after use to keep your soap dry in bag and ready for the next scrub. This is a plastic-free, zero-waste sisal soap saver bag made from natural, renewable sisal fibers.

Create your own soap bar in a bag for the shower by adding one of our delightful soaps, such as Coastal Rose or Nag Champa. Our sisal soap bag  is a useful addition to your routine allowing you to bubble your soap and exfoliate your skin while reducing plastic waste. Our bag of soap is a hands-on and environmentally friendly method to store and use your favorite bar soap.

So why not buy a sisal bags for soap at Mission Refill to improve your shower experience and extend the life of your soap bars.